5 reasons for a personal trainer


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How long have you been exercising on your own, trying to get that perfect body tone? Whether you are just starting out or have your gym routine down pat it's time to make a serious choice with long term repercussions. You can choose to go it alone. Plenty of people go down that route and it’s a perfectly legitimate one so long as you don’t mind slower results, occasional slacking off, boredom, picking up the wrong techniques, risking injury, and utilizing non-personalized training routines that are not professionally optimized to your body.

Or… you can take the high road. Sign up with a personal trainer and enjoy benefits that will take you to a whole new level.

Super-fast results

Well, maybe not super-fast. Training does take work, hard work, and time, much time, to fully realize your potential. But choosing the workout style that is best for your fitness, body and desired outcome can help speed things along (and avoid common pitfalls and injuries). A personal trainer is specialized in identifying precisely the right program for you, and help you form the training habits that will help you stay in shape even when your relationship ends.

No slacking off!

Life happens. You have many things on your mind. It's so easy to skip a gym session, or to let your mind wander when you should be keeping 30-90 second intervals between reps. Not going to happen with a personal trainer. He will make sure you stay the course, on time, every time. It's like having a one-man fan club cheering you on when you make your appearance, and oozing disappointment when you don’t follow through on your commitments.

Personalized training program

If the job title doesn’t make it obvious the role of the personal trainer is to prepare the training program that matches what you want and need. Training for the triathlon has very different criteria than buffing up your muscle mass and improving your general health or simply losing weight are a different story altogether. And of course, that is only taking into account your goal – your starting fitness position, previous training habits, your body type, and personal preferences for certain training styles and routines all need to be taken into account.

Proper technique

Good training can last a lifetime. In contrast, you may pick up inexact techniques as a beginner, but they continue to cripple your training (and pose risk of injury!) for many years down the line. A personal trainer can make sure you acquire the right techniques and personal habits – or help you lose the wrong ones.

Better when we're together

Let's face it. Workout may be a great release and some alone time may be essential, but working out alone repeatedly, can be dull. Dullness leads to slacking off. Slacking off leads to slower results. A personal trainer by contrast is also a personal entertainer – and can even be a friend and a confidant. He may challenge you, but he will never bore you.

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