Common mistakes when trying to lose weight !


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Shedding those extra pounds can seem like a daunting task. And when it seems you are doing everything right, but the scales are showing no progress it can be incredibly frustrating. Chances are, though that you are performing one of the five most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight – and these mistakes are (relatively) easily correctable.

  1. Mistake #1: focusing on the scale

It’s just a number- and not the most important one. Weight can fluctuate with hormonal changes and the time of day, both influencing water retention. In fact, if that number isn’t moving, you may be losing fat, but still retaining water. Or you might be (and should be!) working out. Great! But muscle mass actually weighs more than fat. Exchanging one for the other makes you fitter, healthier and yes, also leaner and sexier. But it won’t change the numbers on the scale – no matter how lose your clothes begin to feel. So while tracking your weight is important, taking monthly selfies (any excuse, right?) and tape measuring waist and thighs is an often more reliable indicator.

    2. Inexact caloric intake

Different people have very different metabolisms. It’s one reason some people have weight problems. That’s why it’s so important to see a nutritionist and work out a diet that has you consuming fewer calories than you burn up. It may feel to you that you are already not eating very much. But we’re all human, and unfortunately, we have a tendency to underestimate and under-report. A nutritionist can help you work out a system that will keep you on track.

    3. Focusing on what you eat and neglecting exercise…

Dieting means some loss of muscle mass, as well as fat. Goes with the territory. Not exercising at all while you restrict you diet not only speeds up your muscle mass loss, it also leads to a decrease in your metabolic rate. Listlessness, fatigue… and we all know where go when we are feeling listless, right? The fridge is so close, so beckoning…

     4.    … or exercising too much

On the other hand, exercising too much can also be a problem. Your metabolism is hyped and adrenal hormones regulating stress are out of sync (and we all know where we go when we are stressed, right?) .

Stick to 2-3 cardio and weightlifting sessions a week if you want a balanced, sustainable, metabolic rate.

     5. Limiting yourself to cardio

Avoiding weightlifting during a diet and focusing exclusively on cardio is a very common misconception. But resistance training is super important towards boosting your metabolism and maximizing belly fat loss.

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